Escherichia Coli Infections

Author: Viroj Wiwanitkit

Front and back cover

Description: Bacterialdiarrhea due to E. coli that is widely spread in the present year (2011). The problem started in Western countries where the settings are considered to have good hygiene. The infection becomes a widespread problem and very important in the present day. Preparedness and response to outbreaks of this disease that may occur in any country is important concern. Knowledge about the disease, E. coli infection, is interesting thing to realize. This book was compiled with this disease, E. coli infection, in its entirety. Data on a clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment are hereby presented. Also issue on disease protection is also offered for interested readers. The concept of food security is also provided as supplementary. This book is suitable for all ages, for those who love and want to distantly draw themselves from this disease. You should not miss to read this book.

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