Significance of lipid profile assay as diagnostic and prognostic tool

Author: Arun Kumar

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Description: Lipid profile as such sounds so simple but the simple measurement of lipid profile in subjects gives massive information about the progression of diseases and still many things about lipids yet to be unveiled. Daily new concepts are coined based on the ongoing researches. This book encompasses the diagnostic and prognostic importance of lipid profile assay. Here the author establishes the importance of lipid assay and it covers some of the research based on lipids in Normolipidemic AMI patients, AIDS patients and also multicenter studies. It was once believed that if one is Normolipidemic than the risk of AMI is lowered but the trends of Hyperlipidemia always associated with AMI have changed. In this book the author shares his experience working with Normolipidemic AMI patients. The research is based on stratification of risk factors in these patients, where the author approaches to elucidate the various risk factors associated with Normolipidemic AMI patients. This book would create an awareness amongst commoners and individuals who considers themselves safe if their lipid profiles are well within normal reference range. The author discusses various risk factors which must be incorporated in routine investigations along with lipid profile as it correlates better about the prognosis of coronary artery disease. The author also shares his experience about these risk variables and the take away home message from this study emphasizes on determination of other risk variables associated with the silent killer. It should be mandatory to analyze these risk variables in appropriate time so that the heavy cost burdened by the patients in Intensive Coronary Care Unit (ICCU) could be minimized. The subjects can also lead a healthy life style if heart attack is averted much before just by some few more investigations.

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