Publishing models

Publishing is a relationship between authors and publishers, including editors and reviewers. In this relationship several models are possible and none is better than others, it all depends on the authors' needs. In the following paragraphs we explain these models in order to ease authors choose which one fits their needs better.

Models are based on who owns the rights on the publication and who generates the final document of the publication. Publications can be owned by the author (or third party granted by authors) or by the publisher. And the final document of the publication can also be generated by the publisher -by professional designers who do the typesetting and layout works- or by the authors themselves.  Then, four options are possible. Accordingly, the fee authors have to pay to publishers varies with each option.

Model  Rights owner Design works

Author (or third party granted by authors) 

Professional designers  High (medium with us) 
PP Publisher

Professional designers 

Medium to free (low with us)
AS** Author (or third party granted by authors) Self

Low (very low with us)       

PS Publisher Self Very low (free with us)

* This is the model generally used for publishing open access.

** We also offer this model for publishing open access.

International Medical Publisher is the only STM publishing house offering these four different publishing options in our publications. Authors can always choose which model they prefer.


Considerations for choosing a model:

  1. Who funded your work?
    When authors receive public funds, they are usually requested to publish the results of these works open access. This implies AP model.
  2. Do you have budget to have the .pdf of your article professionally edited?
    Most authors expect to have the final product of their work presented in a good-looking, professional document and are willing to pay a fee for that (AP, PP models). Some others do not have the money or prefer to expend that money in other issues, so they can opt for AS or PS models.

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