If you are working on or planning to write a medical book     we invite you to publish it with us.

Books to be sold


Single authors or groups of researchers working on a project and wishing to publish their findings in an independent publication organized and managed by themselves, can do so by proposing a collaboration with International Medical Publisher. At the same time as offering complete freedom over the content covered, we contribute our publishing expertise and full support to the publishing process thanks to a dedicated and professional team.

With International Medical Publisher you can publish your book easily. 

Editorial costs and benefits are divided between International Medical Publisher and author : authors pay € 300 for design and marketing costs and the benefits are shared 50% between the authors and the publisher. The copyright is negotiated separately.

You can choose to publish your work as:

  •  A single-author monograph - a specialized scientific book written by one main author
  •  A multiple-author monograph - a scientific book written by more than one author
  •  An edited book - a research book in which each chapter is written by different contributors and edited by an expert scholar
  •  Conference proceedings - a collection of selected academic papers that are presented in the context of an academic conference.

We publish an electronic version (to be sold in Amazon) and a printed version (also to be sold in Amazon). However, please be aware the printed version is produced on-demand, we do not print large amounts of books unless we have an order. That means that although we may arrange a print run we only do if we have an order in place. 


You can view here the Guidelines for authors

Books open access

We would like to invite you to consider publishing a new book us in Open Access model. In this model, the book is available online to all interested readers, who do not have to pay for accessing its contents. Open access brings a wider audience and broader readership. It can also help promote printed copies of the work.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider International Medical Publisher as your publisher:

  • fair and comprehensive peer-review of submitted proposals and manuscripts
  • professional composition of the proofs in PDF format
  • correction of proofs in 2 rounds
  • creation of professional cover (free of charges)
  • publication in Google Books, Amazon, iTunes and similar services
  • e-book delivery to libraries and full-text repositories 
  • Creative Commons copyright license

Open access books are published in so-called author-pays model, which means that the author (or rather his or her affiliate institution or another sponsor) of the book manuscript accepted for publication pays a Book Processing Charge, which covers the production and marketing costs. This year we have a special promotion, charging 2€/page plus 2€/figure-table only. 


In addition, we offer writing review services at a cost as low as 5€/page
to those author with limited English proficiency. 


To start a publishing project with International Medical Publisher, please fill in this Publishing Proposal Form. The purpose of this form is to provide us with a general idea of your publishing proposal and present it to our Editorial Board for their consideration and approval. A decision will be sent within 10 days of receipt.



  • Publication under International Medical Publisher imprint
  • Search-optimized open digital editions for greater reach and discoverability
  • Attention to quality at every step of the publishing process
  • Discerning selection and rigorous peer review
  • Professional copyediting and high-quality production
  • A 8-week production schedule for most titles

If you need to get permission for using any content published by us, please click this button