Prepay Plans

Prepay Plans/Membership enables an individual or an organization to cover the whole cost of publishing for himself (individual) or their investigators (institutional) when publishing in our open access journals. No additional fees will be paid by individual authors. This is an advance payment system whereby customers pay upfront for accepted articles authored by their investigators to be processed and published. For example you can have a look at The International Arabic Journal of Antimicrobial Agents a journal supported by a sponsorship of The Arab Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antimicrobials or Acta Reumatologica supported by a sponsorship of Gebro.


What are the benefits of being a member?

  • Time Saving and convenient
    Membership status removes the administrative burden, from individual authors, of having to pay the full APC directly each time one of their articles is accepted for publication. The convenience for researchers of not having to pay the full article-processing charges directly.
  • Cost-effective
    Membership offers a cost-effective solution for organizations and their researchers when publishing in our range of open access journals. The different types of Membership offer various solutions to ensure organizations benefit from the most suitable and cost-effective pricing plan to fit with their requirements and budgets.
  • Increased exposure for your organization
    Members receive their own customized webpage with the following features:
  • Branding with your institution's own logo and link to your homepage
  • A list of articles generated at the institution and published in our journals
  • Title included in all relevant searches on the International Medical Publisher
  • Linking of these titles to the full text of the article
  •  Full support to your authors and open access
    • Your investigators do not have to pay anything directly for publishing in our open access journals.
    • Your investigators are automatically recognized as full Members through IP address or password recognition.
    • Without any cost-barriers authors are encouraged to choose open access journals when publishing their research.
  • No extra or hidden costs
    • There is no joining fee. All monies are used towards the cost of open access publications.
    • Credit is carried over until it is used up - from month to month, from year to year.
  • You decide how much to spend
    • Customers decide how much they pay upfront depending on their budget. You can choose to cap your account to a defined amount so you don't have to worry about spending more than you can afford.
  • Cost-savings
    • The higher the amount paid in advance, the greater the loyalty discount given on each APC.
  • Flexible payment schedules
    • Prepay Members' accounts can be topped-up with additional advance payment at any time.
    • Customers who use their advance payment can decide to make an additional advance payment at that time or at the time of their annual renewal.
  • Monitoring and managing account activity
    • Email alerts are sent to Prepay Member's administrators each time an article recognized as being authored by their investigators is submitted to our journals. This allows administrators to question submissions from authors not believed to be from the Member organization.
    • Quarterly statements are sent to administrators detailing the advance payment amount, articles published and their cost, and the final balance.
    • Online statistics are available 24/7 to allow customers to view article submissions and publications from their organization.
    • PrePay membership support International Medical Publisher Journals because they endorse our mission and core principles. Articles submitted to International Medical Publisher Journals by Members do not receive any special consideration in the peer review process but Individual Members receive a 100% discount on the publication charge associated with accepted papers. Donations to the organization do not exert any influence over editorial decisions in International Medical Publisher journals.


1. Institutional PrePay Membership / Company PrePay Sponsorship

It covers the APCs for articles submitted by the authors from your institution during one year.
Institutional memberships and Company Sponsorships are divided into 3 categories:

Basic Memberships


15 articles/year

Silver Membership


25 articles per year

Investigator Plan


Unlimited articles

2. Individual PrePay Plans

You are probably used to paying per each paper when you publish open access. International Medical Publisher is doing away with this. With our prepaid plans, you pay once and publish multiple articles.

Basic Plan


Two publications/year

Enhanced Plan


Three publications/year 

Investigator Plan


Five publications/year